My herb garden

Today is Sunday, and as always, I am prepping everything for the work week.  That always means grocery planning and pickup, making hard boiled eggs, and some kind of soup.  Today was a butternut squash bisque, made with frozen riced butternut squash so that it cooked faster.  As I was contemplating my spices to mix in, I remembered I had some sage in my garden. If it looks wet, it’s because it’s raining AGAIN.

2018-06-24 15.01.59

This was my little garden almost exactly 3 years ago when my husband gave it to me as a birthday present.  That tomato plant was already half-dead when I bought it, I promise!

2015-07-19 19.03.47

It appears I originally planted parsley & cilantro, rosemary, a half-dead tomato plant, sage, thyme, sad looking basil, and some chives.  I used that garden a lot over the summer and saved myself a lot of money in buying herbs when I only used parts of the packages.  When it was getting into the Fall and my plants were going to die, I preserved some of the herbs by freezing them in olive oil in my mini-muffin pan, and popping the frozen oil/herb cubes into various main meals (like creamy sage pasta alfredo).

My current garden is a little different.

2018-06-24 14.28.48

I have a lot of parsley, thyme, a strawberry plant (elevated off the ground in a lame attempt to thwart our squirrel problem), some sage, and a bunch of basil.  You can’t see it very well, but in the back of the thyme, I’ve planted some green onions.

My thing is, that I usually buy lots of green onions for stir-fry or quick ham/pea/scallion fried rice, and then the other half of the package goes to waste.  This is just like my packaged herb problem.  So, my solution is to put some green onions into water on my window sill, and let them grow back up again.  Once they grow tall, I plant them in my little garden.


This was all a super long way to say, look I used some sage from my garden in my soup today!

2018-06-24 13.19.54


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