The Aulani – A Gluten Free / Nut Free Visit

In March 2018, my family and I visited Disney’s Aulani resort in Oahu, Hawaii.  I chose to spend part of our time in Hawaii at the Aulani because I have little kids, but also because I knew they could handle food allergies (GF me, Peanut/Nut free V).


After reviewing options with the resort, the best place for us to eat was the ‘Ama ‘Ama restaurant, which could cater to all of our allergies and had an allergy menu.  At first we planned to just eat breakfast there, but as the days passed, it was clear we could eat a lot better if we stuck with ‘Ama ‘Ama!   My gluten-free waffles with caramel sauce and bananas was a huge hit.

2018-03-30 08.10.12

See that little wooden stick in the corner of the meal above, and in the pic below?  Always make sure that you see the allergy stick when you are at a Disney property – if your meal does not have the allergy designation, make sure you ask.

2018-03-29 08.26.47

The gluten-free menu that I was handed did not list any pancakes or waffles, but when I asked, they said they had a gluten free mix that they used.  It was a great way to start each day for me!

For dessert, my daughter loved the special ice cream sundae that came with her meal.  The only caveat was that they processed nuts (I believe it was macadamia) in the back kitchen, but they promised to be extra careful when making her ice cream.  Our last day was Easter, and of course being Disney, they even had themed ice cream that day!

Another recommendation for the Aulani – buy tickets to their Luau performance! Besides having a wonderful time with the show, we also had a great deal to choose from on the buffets.  We all know that buffets are a challenge with allergies.  However, a chef walked me around the main adult buffet, and let me know what was not gluten-free (very few things, actually!), and then told me the entire kids buffet was peanut/nut-free except for the macadamia nut brownies at the separate dessert table.

2018-03-30 18.37.23Bonus for me, although there was a coconut custard type dessert that I could eat, they brought me and my daughter a GF, nut free brownie.

Now for other snacks at the Aulani that were safe for my daughter and I – the popcorn (I double checked the type of oil and it was safe); the special yummy rice krispie type treat they sold (GF and nut free); Dole Whip in pineapple soft serve or vanilla twist was available; and of course, the Micky snow cones!

2018-04-01 16.02.17

My daughter is still into mac-n-cheese and pasta type foods, so it wasn’t too difficult finding her safe food to eat for lunch and dinner.  The challenge is always dessert as most baked goods sold in their bakery area didn’t appear safe (baked goods with nuts on top were next to non-nut donuts, etc.) and a lot of packaged treats were labeled “made in a factory with peanuts, tree nuts.” I was able to get yummy gluten-free rolls with lunch sandwiches, and french fries were safe if I wanted them.

We had a wonderful and safe time at the Aulani with our food allergies, and would definitely go back!

2018-03-28 18.44.01


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