A brief word about NYC

New York City, which we last visited just before Thanksgiving 2017, has endless gluten-free and other allergy friendly options.  Here are a few that stood out in my mind.


First, this lovely GLUTEN-FREE chocolate mousse cheesecake from Juniors Cheesecake:

2017-11-04 12.08.58

My husband of course had the traditional cherry cheesecake that was not gluten-free.  As far as I am aware, the chocolate mousse cheesecake was the only gluten-free option.  You can see why – there is no crust, which is usually the problem with cheesecake from a GF point of view.  For regular lunch / dinner options, I stuck with my classic some-kind-of-hamburger on lettuce (or without a bun), which was yummy, but not picture-worthy.

A stop at Alice’s Tea Cup, Chapter I, was one of the things I was most looking forward to on our trip.  As a lover of all things Alice in Wonderland, I made sure we had a lunchtime reservation.

2017-11-06 11.50.58

As soon as we arrived, my daughter V was given a set of fairy wings, and we were on our way!  While my husband and I ordered tea to share, the kids were given their own special hot chocolate (safe for peanut / tree nut allergies).
2017-11-06 12.15.35

The kids ordered regular kid-type food like grilled cheese, which they ate happily, but seemed more enamored of their special hot chocolate.

For gluten-free options, which I had noted on my reservation, I chose the Nibble tea service for one.  I did this mostly so that my husband could have baked (gluten-filled) goods!  My gluten-free feast was presented beautifully on a three-tier tea cake stand.


I had berries on the top tier (not my favorite but a gluten-free standby), egg salad in the middle (tasty), and a yummy chocolate mousse on the bottom (the best part of course!)

For me, Alice’s Tea Cup was more of an atmosphere thing.  The Alice in Wonderland themed walls with drawings, the bright colors, the fun fairy wings that you could borrow at the beginning of the experience.  While they accommodated my GF requests, I sure wished they made a gluten-free scone or some other GF baked good.


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